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Our Mission

CLHAV is a civic organization that bridges cleavages among different ethnic groups while bonding along ideology, social, economic, moral, cultural and political values for the development of the Haitian community. CLHAV is a large network with local chapters, multiple objectives, and diverse constituencies that brings the community face-to-face with its neighbor. It is a network of reciprocity.

CLHAV brings the citizenry into the public realm. It constitutes a mechanism through which the concerns of Haitian-American voters are expressed to political elites. CLHAV mobilizes the community to protect its vital interest, and abandon its bystander status to take direct responsibility for defining the issues that are important to its members.

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As a community,What will be our weight in the 2016 Election?

This year must be a decisive year for Haiti.  By boosting the voting rate of our community nationwide, we will become a political force that will attract the two major political parties in United States. Therefore, we can accomplish our ultimate twin goals: a strong diaspora and a prosperous Haiti. However, it must be greater than voting at a higher rate than the other communities, we must organize our voters in a way to create a “voter bloc”, because “Together is Power,” just as our flag stipulates;” L’ Union Fait La Force.”  This concept made us the first black independent nation in the world.  By extrapolating the same idea to our new generation, just like our ancestors in 1804, we can have a second revolution right here on foreign soil, because “Ordinary People Can Achieve Extraordinary Things Through The Power Of The Vote.”  If you want to be a part of this discussion, please bring your ideas, suggestions and comments. We can join forces together. We invite all organizations to join.



2012 Election - Why should you be involved?

Started by Links Multimedia in Haitians and Caribbean Americans Getting Involved in the 2012 Election. Last reply by MJ Desir Jul 23, 2012. 7 Replies

Haitian Americans, Caribbean Americans, You live in a democracy and that means that you have a say in who runs your country, and by way of this privilege you also have a say about how your country is run. It is very easy to be blase about your right…Continue

Proverb Lakay

Started by wikindson philippe in Proveb Lakay. Last reply by Calin Jean Jun 28, 2012. 1 Reply

We invite you to share some proverbs with us. Unfortunately for our english speaking only members, it is a Creole Section  we cannot translate  the proverbs unless the same proverb exists in english;  but if you are interested, you can learn them,…Continue

Haiti is open for business!

Started by HaitianJonas in KRIK - KRAK. Last reply by wikindson philippe May 5, 2011. 2 Replies

How are we going to market Haiti?

Tags: cange, Lesly


Started by wikindson philippe in Proveb Lakay Apr 26, 2011. 0 Replies

 La charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-meme(When you want others to do something start by doing it first) Reté trankil miyó pase mande padon.                                                                                      ( If you stop…Continue


Started by wikindson philippe in KRIK - KRAK. Last reply by wikindson philippe Feb 6, 2011. 4 Replies

Ti Badin-n 4 fas.  Sou bwe-l di-w bwe-l.Continue


Started by wikindson philippe in KRIK - KRAK. Last reply by wikindson philippe Feb 6, 2011. 2 Replies

Je suis la tete de l'amerique. Je  promene dans tous les coins du canada, et si ce n'était pas moi, Paris serait pris. Que suis-je?


Everyone needs a helping hand. CLHAV provides a platform where you can help yourself and others. Keeping our community connected.


Join us in our Krik Krak session. Every correct answer gives you 10 pts, and CLHAV will send you a gift after accumulating 100 pts.




Lending a Helping Hand

Thank you for your support. Your donation to CLHAV helps us to further assist those in need in our community.

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